Written by Team Billy Ray   



Founded in September 2011 in the wake of the tragic killing of 17 year old Billy Ray Shirley, III in late August of 2011, our vision is to build and maintain a fully functional state of the art community center on the east side of Tacoma that gives life to Billy Ray’s vision of having a fun, healthy & safe place for youth to go. This facility shall be one that will provide the programs and resources necessary to engage youth in conversation and activities that will promote positive life choices. Additionally, our non-profit 501(c)3 youth program will look to reinforce education, decrease violence and encourage healthy lifestyles while inspiring individuals to work at continuously building their communities regardless of social or economic boundaries.



•  PROVIDE youth with the necessary tools they need to succeed
•  ATTRACT more youth to support their community
•  ENGAGE youth in positive activities (decrease negative behavior)
•  ENCOURAGE youth to care and love themselves and their neighbors


"We lost one life, but we shall save many more" ~Shalisa Hayes



To find out more about the community center project and watch its progress (construction has started!), please visit: www.ImagineEastside.org